Apple Watch Development: The Bear Essentials

THAT Conference 2015
Day: Tue, Aug 11   Time: 1:00 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 300  Primary Category: Mobile  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Mobile, IoT, C#, Xamarin, Wearables, apple watch
Until recently your wrists have been pretty useless.  Sure they've always been handy for blocking an attacking bear from sinking his teeth into your skull as you take a leisurely hike through the woods.  But, for most of us at least, that scenario is an edge case.  Apple Watch is here now and with it comes an endless number of use cases for the previously boring skin-wrapped ulna and radius bones.  Now your wrist can call people, and text people, and turn on the lights in your house while you're in Maui, and open your garage door, and your front door, and your car door, and your front car door, and... you get the picture.  Whatever your wrist app idea might be, this session will set you on the road to making it a reality.  We'll go over the WatchKit API and Apple Watch architecture, and show how easy it is to get an Apple Watch app up and running using Xamarin and C#.

But please when hiking do not gaze for too long at your beautiful new wrist app creation.  There are still bears out there.