Enterprise Architecture and the Business of Software

THAT Conference 2015
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Tags: business, Enterprise Architecture, Financials
“IT by itself provides no value”.  That’s a pretty bold statement and yet that’s where the winds of business are blowing. As a developer or IT professional you spend time understanding new languages and frameworks, but to deepen and broaden your impact, I recommend taking strides in understanding the business.

In this session we’ll focus on the business of software, from financial concepts, metrics, and the future of IT and enterprise architecture in the corporation. We’ll touch on why your CEO and VP may understand the role of technology more comprehensively than they’re given credit for.

As IT likely touches nearly all aspects of your company, going forward IT professionals will need to know more about business and the role IT plays in the broader organization. This session aims to better equip you to talk business with your company leaders or boss and to make yourself or your team more effective.