“What is a HashTrieStackFilterMap?” A Data Structures & Algorithms Refresher For Everyone

THAT Conference 2019
Pre-Conference Workshop
Day: Mon, Aug 5   Time: 8:00 AM   Duration: 4 hours   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Data/Storage  Secondary Category: Languages
Tags: data structures, algorithms
- Are you about to go into job interviews where you'll be asked technical questions?
- Have you found you don't really know the standard data structures or algorithms, or you have holes in your knowledge?
- Has it been a long time since your computer science classes and you want a review session?

In this workshop, we'll go over all the basics of standard data structures and algorithms. We'll start at the beginning with different types of lists and build up from there. We'll also cover the basics of popular algorithms and how to analyze operations of the data structure to assess a “Big O” runtime. We'll break into teams to solve some technical problems. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you!

(While this won't replace a whole CS degree, it's designed to give you a boost in your CS learning journey.)
- Introductions
- Part 1: The Basics (lists, trees, hashmaps, and applications of those)
- Part 2: The Algorithms (Big O, traversing data structures, improving some inefficiencies)
- Part 3: The Sorts (going over several algorithms, why bother learning this, etc.)
- Part 4: Job Interviews and Strategies (what to focus attention on, how to think through problems, etc.)
We will make sure practice problems are mixed in as the problem solving is very important to learning the problems. I'll have people pair (or triple) up to work on them. I'll throw in plenty of breaks (as sitting and cramming this material isn't always fun). 
- A laptop with your preferred IDE or text editor of choice
- Programming language of choice pre-installed
- Notepad and writing instrument