Building a Full Stack Web App

THAT Conference 2019
Pre-Conference Workshop
Day: Mon, Aug 5   Time: 8:00 AM   Duration: 8 hours   Location: (map)
Level: 200  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Web, node, react, graphql, Next.js
We will be building a web application using NextJS and Node that is a conference management and marketing site. The application will be built using GraphQL and Apollo, Bootstrap, SSR, and Now for dev-ops.
- **Introductions**
- **Dev environment review**
- **Project setup**
- **Frontend**
- **API**
- **Lunch** 
- **Speakers page**
- **Performance**
- **Deployment**
- **Schedule page**
- **Search feature**
- [Create a github account](
- [Complete git setup](
- Install node. Use whatever means you'd like, so long as it's version 8 or greater. If you're not sure what to use [the nodejs site]( has installers available.
- Install the now cli by running `npm i -g now`
- [Sign up for a zeit account with Github](
- run `now login` from your terminal and enter your github email address.