Building IoT Solutions in a Mesh-networked World

THAT Conference 2019
Pre-Conference Workshop
Day: Mon, Aug 5   Time: 1:00 PM   Duration: 4 hours   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: IoT/Maker  Secondary Category: Cloud
Tags: IoT, Particle, ML, Mesh
Building for the Internet of Things is no longer about getting a single connected device online over a local Wi-Fi or even cellular connection. Increasingly, real IoT projects—be they for the smart home, smart factory, or shop floor—utilize a swarm of devices to interact with sensors, report status, and manage actuators. In these cases, the challenge isn’t just getting your devices online, but getting them to work together.

Thankfully, Thread and Particle Mesh makes dealing with swarms of devices straight forward—with cutting-edge open hardware and standards, developer-friendly APIs for managing devices, and a Device Cloud that serves as your all-powerful hive-mind.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how mesh networking through Thread solves some of the hardest problems in the IoT space today, as well as how Particle Mesh leverages Thread to power its newest generation of connected devices.

Every attendee will receive a Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh, 1 Particle Argon, and 1 Particle Xenon
- Session 1: A Lap around Particle
- Lab 1: Claiming your first Particle Device
- Session 2: Introducing Particle Primitives, the Device Cloud and Mesh
- Lab 2:  Mesh pub/sub, Particle primitives, Setting up a mesh network
- Session 3: Going Beyond Devices (Particle Integrations, IFTTT & IoT Hub)
- Lab 3: Using IFTTT & Azure IoT Hub/Central
All attendees should bring a laptop for this workshop.In addition, please install the following tools in advance:
- Install the [Particle CLI]( (Command Line Interface)
- Create a [Particle account]( if you do not already have one.
- Install the Particle [iOS]( or Android App.
- Install [Particle Workbench](