Learn to Become a Public Speaker

THAT Conference 2019
Pre-Conference Workshop
Day: Mon, Aug 5   Time: 8:00 AM   Duration: 4 hours   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: Soft Skills  Secondary Category: 
Tags: public speaking, speaking, presentations
You. You right there. Yes, you! You have an amazing story inside you, and you're struggling on how to get that story out to others in your community—but you're scared and you don't know where to start.

This workshop will not teach you to be an international rockstar ninja keynote speaker. This workshop WILL help you how to find your own authentic voice, and how to overcome your fears so you can get in front of a crowd and share what's important to you.

This workshop will be a mix of content chosen by Jim Holmes, your facilitator. It will also be greatly driven by what you the attendees want to discuss! Along the way you'll learn tips for refining that story of yours into a good concept. We might discuss figuring out target audiences like user groups, meetups, conferences, or company lunch and learns. You'll likely get tips on figuring out your own presentation style, and how to build great slide decks that help you tell your story.

You'll also learn critical aspects of presenting talks including managing stage fright, effective movement on stage, controlling audience interaction, hooking your audience into your story, and handling follow up communications.

Learn how you can share that story that's bubbling inside you!
Much of this session will be driven by attendees through Lean Coffee practices. Topics may include:
* Why do public speaking?
* Building the story (finding topic, clarifying, focusing)
* Finding a place to tell the story
* Working on abstracts and submitting
* Exercise/working groups
* Creating a great deck
* Giving the talk (dealing with stage fright, mechanics, technical stuff)

 OPTIONAL BASED ON TIME: Attendees build and deliver a three- to five-minute talk