Learn to paddle in the fast waters of streamable web apps

THAT Conference 2017
Day: Mon, Aug 7   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: Wisteria (map)
Level: 300  Primary Category: Web  Secondary Category: Mobile/Client
Tags: javascript, Performance, streams, isomorphic
This talk will show how to use streams to improve web application performance.  Your web probably performs the following expensive sequential chunks of execution: 

client requests data -> server loads data from the database -> server serializes the data into JSON -> client receives data -> client parses JSON ->  client updates the page.  

Using streams and HTTP/2, we will eliminate those sequential bottlenecks.  As the first record is streamed from the database, we can stream it to the client and into page updates.

Finally, by streaming out part of a server-side HTML response, especially the parts that make network requests like link and script tags, we will show how to make stream even more impactful within isomorphic (or universal (or server-side rendered) ) web applications.