The Family Keynote

THAT Conference 2015
Day: Mon, Aug 10   Time: 10:30 AM   Location: Mess Hall (map)
Level: Preschool (and up)  Primary Category: Family  Secondary Category: 
Tags: family
Lions, Tigers and Bears!!! Kids, technology and Code!!! That Conference and Family!

4 years ago we said we wanted to create a family friendly conference and over the years we've worked hard at creating exposure to today's technologies in a fun and safe environment but we're just getting started. Between the Water Park, Robots and Animals there is a lot going on at That Conference. Come here about our family vision, understand why we have had to make some hard decisions all while getting a few camping tips. 

More importantly I want you to hear from a few of our fellow parents, and kids who have been involved since we pitched our first tent. We're proud of their journey and think you should hear their story too.