Setting Up Camp: 10 Things You Must Do To Create a Successful Startup.

THAT Conference 2014
Day: Wed, Aug 13   Time: 2:30 PM   Location: (map)
Level: 100  Primary Category: You Can't Put a Label on Me  Secondary Category: 
Tags: Startup, law
In this fast-paced and exciting session, a veteran developer with Ad Agency, Silicon Valley, and Start-Up experience teams up with his corporate lawyer wife to teach you the most important things to know when starting your own development business.

1. Create business goals (You can't measure progress until you know where you're going)
2. Protect yourself (LLCs, articles of incorporation, EINs, liability insurance, health/disability insurance)
3. Get clients (networking/RFPs)
4. Protect yourself from clients (statements of work)
5. Do the work, or get others to do the work for you (work for hire/subcontracting)
6. Understand your competition (competitive analysis / focusing on strengths)
7. Get ready for the tax man (accountants, quarterly payments, business deductions)
8. Identify opportunities for efficiencies. (time = money)
9. Make money (defining payment agreements, how to pay yourself)
10. Get recognition and grow your business (awards, self-promotion)

Speaker details:
- Jeffery Bennett has spoken multiple times at SXSW, won numerous web accolades & currently serves as Technology Director @ Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis.
- Ashley Bennett Ewald is a trademark, copyright, and business litigation attorney at Gray Plant Mooty, a Minneapolis-based law firm, and has counseled many entrepreneurs on the do's and don'ts of start-ups.