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All Are Welcome at THAT Conference!

Family is as big a part of your life as it is ours, and it wouldn't be a summer camping experience without them. Not only are families welcome at THAT Conference, we encourage all to bring them and have dedicated an entire track for spouses and kids.

This family track provides hands-on activity based learning for kids of all ages through a series of sessions and workshops. We strive to provide opportunities for children to speak, learn, and experience many areas of the STEM field while interacting with industry professionals. And when the days are done, each night has a different event for all family track attendees to join.

We want to inspire and encourage your Campmates and Geeklings to explore, learn, try something new and enjoy summer camp right alongside you.

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Pig Roast

Waterpark Party

Game Night

Why Getting Hands-On with STEM Matters

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM is Everywhere

Did you know... between 2017 and 2027, the number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) jobs in the United States will grow 13%, compared to 9% for non-STEM jobs. But we are losing young Geeklings from that pipeline of talent at all levels in the education system.

We believe there is endless opportunities for all kids within STEM. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where kids can get hands-on to try something new, while removing any barriers that may be keeping our Geeklings from exploring all the opportunities waiting for them.

Kids are Super Smart

One of the coolest things we get to see is our Geeklings teaching their very own session! Giving them an opportunity to teach other kids what they have learned, just awesome! Each year the number of Geekling speakers has grown. 2019 is no different. You never know what the kids who come to THAT Conference will amaze you with!

Family Pre-Conference

Families enjoying the precon

Family Pre-Conference is Awesome!

We know, you just can’t wait for THAT Conference to start, and now you don’t have too! We’ve expanded the family track to include a Family Pre-Conference as part of your family ticket. Held the day prior to the start of the conference, the Family Pre-Conference will take place Monday, August 5, 2019.

Feel free to join in on sessions aimed at all ages. Or if you haven’t gotten to building that derby car of yours, hop into our new derby car build room and get to know your fellow racers. Just think of the Family Pre-Conference as THAT day camp!

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Highlighted Events

Game Night

If you’re in the mood for friendly competition, head over to Open Spaces for Game Night. Games are available for check out (bring a driver’s license please) or feel free to bring your own game. As part of Game Night, there will be more competition going on at THAT Derby Race. You can race your pinewood car against other campers for bragging rights. Hopefully you’ll have checked out the Build Your THAT Derby Car room on Monday during the Pre-Conference so you can get in on this action!


Waterpark Party

We don’t think THAT Conference would be complete with a trip down a water slide and that’s why we invite you and your family to THAT Waterpark Party. That’s right. A private waterpark party for just THAT Conference attendees at the indoor Kalahari Waterpark. And if you’ve got little Geeklings that can’t stay up that late, hit up the wave pool earlier in the evening and meet up at the exclusive THAT Conference cabana at the Pre-Waterpark Party for some family fun. (Please note that park will be open to all Kalahari guests during this time before the Waterpark Party officially starts).


Pig Roast

We love having family in as many events as possible, including our annual THAT Pig Roast. As part of your family ticket purchase you will get admittance to this night full of new and old friends, and an amazing dinner full of camping favorites. It’s the perfect time to hang out with your fellow Campers, CampMates, and Geeklings.


Highlighted Sessions


Come on in and learn to code an Arduino to light up a ring of Neopixel lights. We will make the lights blink and chase, and change colors. Then we will add to the fun by adding a sound detector and programming the Neopixels to react to the beat of the music.



Come join us with your littlest geeklings for some play time. We'll bring along a variety of toys and games suitable for the youngest campers up to grade school age. We'll be sure to have plenty of duplo legos and magnets, along with lots of other STEM toys and games.



Want to make a sumo robot? Want to make an arm that picks things up? In this session you can build and program LEGO robots to your heart's content. You can attempt to complete last year’s FIRST LEGO League challenge or try to complete your own unique challenge!